Itsuwa - Max Battery

Max Battery

The Max Battery is our most recommended pen battery for use with our cartridges as it provides the most user friendly and customizable experience that our cartridges offer.

The Preheat funtion is a great way to get a long hit without burning the coil or oil inside, just remeber its a vape not a milkshake a light breath in is all thats needed!

White = 2.7 Volts Or 6 Watts

Blue = 3.1 Volts Or 8 Watts

Red = 3.6 Volts Or 10.8 Watts 

With 3 Voltage settings it provides the user with options that will provide varying levels of Intensity, Flavor and Vapor production to find the best experience to suit their mood/needs.

The Max Battery charges via Micro USB and needs no special charger and comes in three colors Black, Silver and Gunmetal. Each Max Battery comes with a micro USB charge cable.